What do you get when you combine the melodic harmony of singing and guitar with the rhythmic mark making of projected drawing?

An aural-visual spectacle, of course!

A symphony of music and pictures that will transport you to a colorful dimension of whimsy and wonderment, leaving you BLOWN AWAY!

Sammy Shuster - Guitar, Vocals, Music

Corey Bechelli - Drawings, Projections, Art

We have been performing through out the Philadelphia area since 2009. We like to play at art shows, music festivals, and other creative events for all-ages audiences. Our goal is to always have fun on stage while presenting a unique performance that blends live music and art.

We've recorded the audio for our newest album, Athena. Check it out here! We're working on videos for each song, so stay tuned!

We're always looking to play at fun shows and events. If you know of any, contact us!